Camping Hammocks: A Camping Must Have

Camping is both adventurous and therapeutic.  What better way is there to be come one with nature than to hike, fish, eat, and sleep in the great outdoors? With more and more people, this year alone, choosing to spend their time outdoors rather than indoors, people are starting to realize how great they feel when they spend time outside. 

Spending time outdoors reduces stress levels, strengthens relationships with family and friends, and is also physically rewarding. We, at Peak Gear Co., are passionate about camping and want you to be too!

About Peak Gear

Our company was established to provide lovers of the outdoors with the best camping and outdoor equipment.  Preparation is of the utmost importance when setting out on a camping excursion; no matter how big or small. Having the best equipment is key when it comes to getting the most from your outdoor experience.

We are committed to supplying experienced and new campers with practical and useful camping gear to get the most out of their camping experience.  Our mission is to offer the highest-quality camping gear that will increase the effectiveness and performance of everyone exploring the great outdoors.

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Peak Gear Co. Camping Hammock

There is nothing better after a long, hard day of hiking or fishing than returning to your campsite to relax.  Our Ultralight Double Hammock is softer and stronger than most other camping hammocks.  It’s soft and silky texture make it comfortable and its light weigh and compact size means that it’s not bulky to carry.  This camping hammock’s needle-like mesh, easy to close zippers, and mosquito nets will keep the bugs out allowing you to sleep comfortably.  If you don’t want the mosquito net enclosure over you, simply turn it over and get back to relaxing.

This camping hammock is made of 210T parachute nylon, which is soft, yet strong enough to give you the most comfortable, relaxing, and safe hammock sleep you’ll ever experience. It measures 260cm x 140cm so you can even scoot over and snuggle comfortably with the kids.

The Ultralight Double Hammock package includes the hammock (available in army green, blue, camouflage, pink sky blue, pink, blue sky blue, dark green, grey, and yellow); 2 carabiners; 2 sling rope; 2 mosquito nets; and a storage bag.

For the best hammock resting experience on your next camping trip, grab the Ultralight Double Camping Hammock at Peak Gear Co. today!