How to take care of your camping tents

It goes without saying that camping tents vary in size. There are those that are huge enough to accommodate only one person. On the other hand, there are others that are quite large and can sleep even a whole family. Thanks to technology, modern camping tents can be pitched in five to ten minutes.

Even though the camping tents are designed to be very tough, rugged, and durable so they can withstand nature's elements, they are not maintenance-free. Any camping tent will last as long as their owners take care of them. Basically, maintaining the overall quality of camping tents is essential; a tent is usually the only thing that works as a shield to protect a camper.

Mentioned below are some tips to consider in order to take care of your camping tents.

All the camping tents are supposed to be waterproofed. Most tent manufacturers indicate that their tents are treated with some waterproof technology, and all the seals and stitches are sealed. But still, it would be better if you can double-seal them so you can expect additional safety. Expert camping enthusiasts recommend contacting the manufacturer and use the seam sealer the company is using to reseal the seals.

Make sure to bring extra parts when camping. For instance, bringing along items such as extra zippers, duct tape, fabric, and other materials can definitely help you make field repairs. You should also remember that the longer it takes to repair the damage, the greater the damage will become.

Be sure to practice how to set up the tent. With such practice, you will have a lesser chance of ripping, bending, or breaking parts of the tent. In addition to that, it will allow you to set up a tent quickly specifically when harsh weather conditions are approaching.

Also, you should bring the correct states and use them. Stakes allow you to secure the tent to the ground perfectly. If you are camping under good weather and on firm ground, then regular stakes are good enough. However, if you are setting up in pretty loose soil, or if the weather is rather windy, then sturdier stakes should be used. You must also make sure that the correct tension is applied to the stakes.

You must also avoid setting up camping tents under the direct sunlight. It is true that camping tents are advertised as all-weather. However, they gradually take damage from direct exposure from the sun. UV light emitted from direct sunlight can weaken and deteriorate the fabric of the tents. That is exactly why it is best to set up tents in the shade.

Use a ground cover as well. Before pitching your camping tent, it is recommended to place a tarp or tent footprint on the ground. This will protect the floor of the tent from elements such as dirt, rocks, twigs, etc. that can rip the tent's base. In addition to that, it also helps keep the dampness and water out of the tent.

After each use, you should clean the tent perfectly and dry well. The tips mentioned above will definitely prolong the life of your camping tent.