Peak Gear Co: The Best Outdoor Store Online

We, at Peak Gear Co., believe in harnessing the power of the outdoors.  Scientific fact supports reasons why being outdoors is important.

The Importance of the Outdoors

Getting outside de-stresses you.  Whether it’s work, school, or just day to day tasks, being outside is a natural stress reliever and the stress hormone levels are lowered after being outside.

Being outside also strengthens your immune system.  When your immune system is healthy, you feel great.  Time spent in nature can strengthen your natural germ-fighting power by recognizing pathogens and harmful intruders with the help of antibodies.

For anxiety and depression sufferers, getting outside is a recommendation of medical doctors and therapists.  Sitting outside can reduce blood pressure, lower the heart rate, and reduce cortisol levels.  Being outside also improves mood and reduces feelings of anxiety.  We also tend to be more focused and have higher self-esteem.

There is no right or wrong way to spend your time outside.  You don’t have to run a marathon or take up rock climbing.  A walk around the block could be the ticket to feeling both physically and mentally healthier.

Your Go to Outdoor Store

We believe that there is something unique and special about the great outdoors and being prepared is the best way to experience it. We have compiled all or our products and divided them up into various collections for easy shopping on our online outdoor store.

Our Campsite Collection features several products for use at your campsite such as stoves, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses, heaters, and cooking equipment.  Our best seller from our Campsite Collection is our Non-Stick Grilling Mesh Mat.  This grilling mat keeps your food from sticking to the grates as well as stops it from falling through.  The mat is made of fiberglass mesh fabric and Teflon coating and both sides serve the non-stick purpose.

Our Tent Collection is full of tents and accessories that will make setting up and taking down a breeze.  Many times, tents are bulky, hard to carry, and burdensome to put up and take down.  With our tents, they are lightweight and fold up into very small, compact packages for easy transport.

Shop our Backpack Collection for nearly 20 different types of backpacks.  Whether you are an experienced outdoorsman or a rookie, we have a backpack for you available in multiple sizes to fit whatever your camping trip should require.  Our best-selling backpack is our Tactical Sling Shoulder Bag. This bag has several multi-functional uses. The nylon straps have a reinforced side buckle that can be easily adjusted according to your preferred fit. This bag is suitable for hiking, camping, outdoor cycling, leisure, office, and short distance travel.

Our Survival Collection offers options that you’ll find yourself needing in the unfortunate event of an emergency, such as scissors, a water filter, emergency blankets, whistles, a tourniquet kit and a survival watch.

Our goal is to be your go to outdoor store for all of your camping equipment.  To shop all of our collections and see our best sellers, shop Peak Gear Co. today!